Shipping things to Paris

Accidentally cut off the video at the end oops. I’ll get better at this vlogging thing eventually.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Condo proved to be a very timely book recommendation from my friends Lauren and Alice. The main takeaway is: only keep things that bring you joy. I’m guilty of assigning sentimental value to almost everything in my closet (yes, clothes have feelings too). “I can’t throw this away! I wore this to my first school dance!” “My grandmother’s sister gave this to me for Chinese New Years 6 years ago!”

After reading that book (and realizing it costs $150/box to ship overseas), I was able to get rid of all my furniture and 12 boxes of stuff. It felt pretty incredible. I also made ~$1000 back selling clothes, books, and furniture via Craigslist and thrift stores like Crossroads. Score!