Napoléon III Apartments at the Louvre

Over our afternoon coffee date, Tyler and I realized that today is the first Sunday of the month. In Paris, this means: free admission to museums! With only two hours left (and some debate over which one to visit), we quickly finished our drinks and dashed off to the Louvre.

Forget the obnoxious iPad crowds suffocating the Mona Lisa- if I have limited time at the Louvre, I’m headed to this corner of paradise:



Napoleon III’s Apartments: the ultimate home decor inspiration. My jaw was wide open the entire time. I love how I can be reading in a cozy café one minute and end up in a room like this the next. This is my happy place 🙂

When I told my friend Mebaa I was moving to Paris, he pondered a bit and said, “Why? Hmm. I guess you like all that old fancy stuff.”

Oh yeah I do.