Croissant Class

The Lim family chefs


Our Christmas present to our parents last year was a family croissant-making class in Paris. During their visit a few weeks ago, we spent a day at La Cuisine learning how to make these delicious French pastries. It was a lot of work and now that I know how much butter goes into these things, I think twice before buying them on my morning commute ūüôā

The whole process starts out with flour, water, and yeast. It was fun to swirl my hand in the dough and make this little bowl. One tip to know if a boulangerie makes their own bread in house: ask if they carry yeast at the shop.

After rolling¬†the dough into a ball, there’s a lot of pounding and stretching to knead it well. We were slamming the dough against the table as hard as we could! Made quite the racket.

And then comes the butter. Lots of it. It smelled sooo good. Mmmm.

The chef taught us how to roll up the dough to make little croissants, pain au chocolat, and other cute pastries. We sprinkled them with jam, sugar, and chocolate.

Never waste your croissant scraps! We rolled up the extra parts to make cinnamon buns. Sprinkled with nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar… and they were good to go.

Et voila! Freshly baked pastries straight out of the oven. After smelling that butter all day, I only picked at my brother’s selection (of course he tried everything). Since my family was flying out the next morning, that means I was stuck with four huge plates of croissants. I packaged some up for a friend’s birthday and took the rest home to my¬†hungry boyfriend. They sure were delicious!

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