Château de Versailles

Spent a brisk Saturday morning in Versailles last weekend with our friends Robyn and Elena. It was just a 45-minute train ride on the RER C, so I’ll have to return when the gardens are in bloom again. The castle was gorgeous and relatively empty compared to when I visited a few summers ago. We also got there bright and early at 10am (this is very early for the French.)

The Hall of Mirrors is still my favorite. What an extravagant lifestyle the royalty lived back then (of course at the expense of the rest of the country…)

I loved peeking into the various bedrooms of the castle. This is pretty much what I want our new apartment to look like, but I think it’s a bit too much for Tyler’s taste… Though if anyone has recommendations on where I can find a decently priced chandelier, please share!

The Royal Chapel

I’m not religious, but I really enjoy visiting the churches here in France. The architecture, music, and art are breath-taking. I could almost feel all the history surrounding me. That’s the wonderful thing about living in Europe. There’s so much culture everywhere you go and an endless list of museums to visit. I’ve been to a different one every weekend. One day I can be engulfed by the palace of Louis XIV and the next morning I can l find myself in front of 13th-century statues at Musée National du Moyen Âge.  My bucket list is ever-growing as I meet new people and collect more recommendations of places to visit.

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