Osaka Castle Park


Konichiwa from Japan! I’ve wanted to visit in the Spring for some time, and it looks like I timed it perfectly because the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I’ve been constantly checking the sakura forecasts (this is actually a thing) to keep updated on the best spots. I’m staying in Osaka with my sweet friend Hisako. She has been the nicest host, cooking me homemade Japanese meals (tempura soba, rice soup, and other delicious treats) and showing me around. We met three years ago in a hostel in Boston and have remained penpals (and Skype pals) ever since. We’re celebrating her 69th birthday by chasing sakura around various cities nearby. Our first visit was to the beautiful Osaka Castle Park. We stopped for a short break to make this video.

As you can tell, she’s very special to me 🙂 I am glad we have this week together. We stayed up until 4am catching up when I first arrived!


We walked 21,000 steps today around this park. Whew! Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day. I expect this vacation to be very different from others. When exploring a new place, I tend to move so quickly in attempt to see everything. I’m still learning how to “travel right” in a way that lets me enjoy my surroundings and actually relax.


I love watching people picnic under the beautiful trees. It’s a very happy time here in Japan and I’m grateful to have the chance to experience it with Hisako.

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