Yoshino Mountain

If you’re ever in Japan during Spring, Yoshino Mountain is a must-see. It is one of the top viewing spots for sakura, as you can tell from these photos. I’m still jetlagged and only got 3 hours of sleep, but the sights were well worth the long series of train and bus rides to the top.

We stopped for a cute picnic (as the Japanese do) on a little hill overlooking the valley of cherry blossoms. Hisako packed a wonderful lunch of onigiri (fish or other ingredients wrapped in sticky rice and seaweed), crackers, pickled vegetables, and fruit. Simple and delicious.

After lunch, we did a short hike up the mountain for the best view. This park is one of my favorites. I’ll be back next time I’m near this area. Along the pathway, there are many vendors and restaurants overlooking the valley, selling little snacks like mochi (my favorite) and sakura-flavored everything. Sakura tofu, sakura drinks, sakura rice… Everything is pink!

It was a beautiful day in the countryside. It is so nice and relaxing to be away from the big noisy Tokyo. Don’t get me wrong-Tokyo is a lot of fun too- but I prefer spending time in quieter parts of Japan during this special time of year.