The Color Run


Woooo. It’s SO nice to be back home ūüôā in Paris. Ty and I had a relaxing week together after being apart for a month. He left for another business trip this morning as I went off to play with color with my girlfriends.

The aftermath

I’ve always wanted to do The Color Run and was thrilled when my buddy Montana got our group together for this fun 5K. We started off at Hotel de Ville on this very chilly morning and started our route along the Seine. It was such a beautiful “run”, with blasts of different colors after each 1K. I say “run” in quotes because we couldn’t really go very fast with the huge crowd. It was fun nonetheless- lots of music, dancing, happy people, and of course, colors.

Running buddies

We found it funny that people stopped during the run to grab beers at the restaurants along the water and even break for a smoke. I guess this is how the French do 5Ks :p


The Color Run ended in front of the Eiffel Tower with a huge stage, coconut water, packaged crepes, and countdowns to color explosions. I got a mouthful of colored powder- gross! I think it was corn starch, though it tasted like sand. It was so refreshing to shower after the day! Some of the girls are coming over for pizza, Netflix, nails, and face masks- a great end to the weekend.