Day trip to Vernon

in a sea of moutarde

On the way to Giverny, mom and I stopped in the quaint town of Vernon, France. What a change (and a breath of fresh air) it was to venture away from the city for a bit. You don’t crash into anyone walking on the sidewalk and you can actually wake up to birds chirping. It’s a pretty small place and we were able to explore everything in a few hours.


an old flour mill

Across the Seine from the main part of town is an old little structure that used to transport flour brought in by boat. The bridge connects to a small castle. I jokingly noted that one who lives in that castle can be dubbed the “starch princess”.

A bath for horses

The great thing about traveling outside of Paris is all the chateau hopping you can do. Out of all the nearby castles, we picked Chateau de Bizy. The tour was given in French, so we quickly skimmed over the script in English to make sure we understood the context. During the tour, we caught a glimpse of the castle’s current owner (a relative of Napoléon Bonaparte) who still resides there. She was dressed in a full outfit of red. I think it’s kind of a thing for older-than-me French people to dress in monochrome. Very classic.

The Chateau’s dining room

Many of the old homes I’ve visited in France are decorated with china and artifacts from Asia, which showed that they were wealthy enough to travel far for pleasure. I found it odd that our Paris apartment came furnished with lots of Chinese decor. I actually removed them- not a fan of fish looking at me while I eat their friends.

The chandelier at the castle was also very interesting- if you look closely, you can see deer feet hanging from it… the other rooms also had many hunting prizes displayed on the walls.

The Bizy estate was huge with beautiful gardens and fountains surrounding the home. It’s difficult to imagine growing up in such a beautiful yet isolated area far away from town and other people. How does one keep herself entertained?