AMA: “What are those adorable tennis/walking shoes you are wearing in your latest post? Gotta know!” -Maria

Hey Maria! They’re good ol’ Adidas Superstars. Remember when they were popular in the US around 2001? Kids would wear them in all sorts of colors. The green Stan Smith ones are extremely stylish here in Paris ( guesses about 1/5 Parisians has them, which I totally believe).

These shoes are perfect for traveling or walking around this city full of cobblestone and stairs. I actually purchased mine in London at an affordable price of ~$50. Apparently I’m a 5.5 which qualifies as a kid’s size… score! My Nike’s are more comfortable but don’t match as well with street clothes. I’m also eyeing the YSL court classic sneakers, but not for that price tag…

Dress: All Saints, Shirt: Madewell, Shoes: Adidas!

I came to Paris with the mindset that all the women wore fancy stilettos (I admit to using our bookcase to display mine). However, I have yet to spot a single high-heel on the metro. I asked a nicely dressed woman how she manages to traverse the cobblestone in her Louboutin’s, and she winked, “I wear sneakers during my commute and change at work.” Aha!! Now I keep a pair of black pumps under my desk. #FrenchStyleSecrets.


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