Pendaison de crémaillère

In french, a housewarming party is called a pendaison de crémaillère, a phrase from medieval times meaning, “hanging of the chimney hook”. After construction of a new home, the chimney hook (made for hanging pots over the fire) was the last thing to be installed. It is customary to have people over for a meal when you’ve settled in.

Tyler and I invited friends over for a wine, cheese, and bacon party yesterday afternoon. We introduced some of our French friends to American bacon for the first time. As you can see in this video, plenty of wine was had (12 bottles to be exact). We asked people to bring their favorite fromage so we could learn about different cheeses of France (and not just play it safe by ordering brie all the time at markets). I think we all agreed Jock brought the most popular cheeses: burrata, brie with truffles, fromage de chevre, and a pyramid-shaped one we didn’t even get to because we had too much. (By the way, if anyone wants to help us finish a whole shelf of cheese in our fridge, come on over ;))


Tyler and I moved here 5 months ago without really knowing anybody in France. The #1 thing I worried about before moving to another country was if I would be able to make friends easily. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence in being able to start from scratch somewhere new. I learned to put myself out there, not be afraid to approach a potential new friend, and really cherish the ones that stick. It was the most wonderful feeling to have our new friends “warm” the apartment.

I’m really really proud of the life we’ve built here so far 🙂


The housewarming lasted for a good 7 hours, as a bunch of us stuck around for Dan’s hilarious game of Bedlam. Ever played Cards Against Humanity? It’s pretty much that, but Microsoft-themed. Lots of inside jokes about our office culture… and always a good time.


Thank you all for coming and for making Paris so enjoyable so far!