Chuong and Chau’s Château Wedding 


Our first wedding in France took place in a gorgeous 15th-century castle, Chateâu de la Chassagne. One of our good Seattle friends, Bayo, was coming to visit for the weekend. A few days before arriving, he texted, “By the way, I’m going to a wedding in the French countryside. Want to be my +2’s?” Bien sûr.

Despite not knowing anyone upon arrival, this was the most fun I’ve had at a wedding so far. It was an intimate gathering of about 50 guests. You got to chat with everybody, including the very charming bride and groom. We sat with the bride’s co-workers and her hilarious brother, who shared all the stories of how he helped prep for the wedding (which included a bad haircut, 100 homemade tiramisu cakes, and a vicious midnight cat encounter.)

The guests were a mix of people from France, Vietnam, and America. They dubbed one cousin as the “translator” for all the speeches. The groom’s father had always dreamed of traveling to France and never thought his first time here would be for his own son’s wedding. He made his speech in French and it was completely adorable.

The wedding party rented the entire castle and held the ceremony and reception on the grounds. The castles here are so nice and often left decorated just like the “olden” days. This one even had a huge polar bear rug in one of the bedrooms…

The bride and her family made all the decorations by hand (inspired by Pinterest of course). See all the cute woven balls hanging from the tent’s ceiling? She wove each of them herself around a ball, covered it with glue, and then deflated it. Her aunt even went out to the French countryside to gather wheat bundles. They were laid out to dry a year before the wedding. A lot of thought was put into the event!


It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks in France. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the floods and strikes we’ve been experiencing. The drive down to Loire Valley was supposed to take 4 hours, but it ended up taking 7.5 each way. I think Bayo and Tyler solved all our world problems in those 15 hours of driving conversations (I solved them in my nap marathons). We crossed one village, Gidy, whose roads were completely flooded. After six attempts to find an exit, we had to return from where we started. Everyone was out on the streets observing the closed roads (and even holding barbecues on the corners.)

Thankfully, it didn’t rain during the wedding, but it probably wasn’t the best day for me to be wearing 4-inch heels. Mud got everywhere. You know you have the sweetest boyfriend when he offers to use his toothbrush to clean your suede shoes…


This past Saturday also marked 5 months since we moved to Paris. Can you believe that? Not a bad way to celebrate.


Thank you for having us and congratulations, Chuong and Chau!

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