Parc Buttes Chaumont

When people ask me, “What do you miss most about Seattle?”, my answer is always: the nature. My friends tell me to take a randonnée up to Montmatre, but hiking isn’t quite the same on pavement. If you have real(!) hiking recommendations close to Paris, I’d love to know.

For now, I’ve been pretty delighted by the big parks scattered throughout the city. Our last afternoon at Bois de Boulogne was my favorite so far, and Parc Buttes Chaumont comes at a close second.


Buttes Chaumont reminds me a bit of Dolores Park in San Francisco. You can find people sunbathing on top of the hill overlooking the city, picnicking with family, and jamming on guitars with friends. There are neat little waterfalls scattered around the park, a suspension bridge, and even a cave with stalagmites (which are difficult to see since there’s a big net underneath them). Seems like a popular place to throw your kid a birthday party, given the number of clowns we saw running around the area.


Living in the center of a big city can get overwhelming at times- even a bit claustrophobic. I miss running along Seattle waterfront’s Olympic Sculpture Park. I miss stepping outside my parents’ house to a beautiful view of the bay and San Francisco landscape.

I really really miss easy access to a big body of water.

I know that all of you back home are rolling your eyes at me right now… but being away makes me appreciate the things I took for granted back home, so maybe you’ll appreciate them a bit more knowing this 🙂 It’s been very eye-opening to constantly assess the differences between each country. I’m basically collecting data on what I can and can’t live without for whenever it’s time to “settle down”. That is, if I can settle down in one place.

I told Tyler it was time we escape the city and take a breather. Brittany has been on the top of his list and ever since I saw an Impressionism expo last month, I’ve been wanting to visit Étretat as well. So! We’ve picked our dates and in a few weeks, we’ll embark on our first European roadtrip (Eurotrip!?) around Normandy. I can’t wait to visit all the cute seaside towns, sit on a cliff with my book, and stare out into endless sea. Sounds like paradise to me.