Celebrating America in Paris


Happy 4th of July to all my Americans out there. While I didn’t have work off today (France’s independence day comes next week on July 14th), I was still able to enjoy a nice celebration. Sporting my bright red Taylor Swift t-shirt (because what’s more America than T. Swift?), I met up with some other American expats for a picnic near Invalides. We shared plenty of watermelon, KFC (which I hadn’t eaten in decades), and delicious homemade pear and apple pie. It was nice to sit out on the grass and watch all the golden retrievers chase sticks nearby.

Today, July 4th, also marks 6 months for me in Paris.

Time really flies. What a beautiful journey it has been so far. This is the longest I’ve been outside the States and the longest I’ve gone without seeing my family. This holiday made me a bit homesick, since it’s usually a relaxed weekend BBQing in the backyard and watching bay’s fireworks on the shoreline outside the house. Times like these make it hard being away from home. I’m so lucky my immediate family can travel frequently (and have already come to France two times this year), but I still miss them along with my grandparents and other extended family. Christmas will be very special this year.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. Hugs from Paris!