Disneyland Paris


The wonderful world of Disney! In Paris!

I’ve been talking to my work friend Pierre-Philippe about planning a Disneyland trip and we finally found a sunny day to get a group together. I’ve always been a Disney girl- when I was little, I would dress up as Belle and dance around the house with a plastic rose, a blue book, and my “Big Bear” stuffed animal (aka “Beast”).

I asked Pierre-Philippe, “So… are you a big fan too? How long do you usually stay at the park?” He replied, “Oh, maybe 12-14 hours? We can also pack sandwiches to eat in line and save time.” Oh yeah! I gave him a high-five and knew I found my Disneyland partner-in-crime.


I woke up at 4:30AM that day too excited to go back to sleep. In just 50 minutes from our doorstep, we rode the train (RER A line) straight to the entrance. So much more convenient than having to wait in huge parking lines like in the US! Two of my co-workers had annual passes, which meant they could bring the rest of us in for only €45. The pass-holders planned out the whole day and even had an app that told you the wait times for each ride, the quickest route, fast pass availability, etc. Professionals!


Disneyland Paris had a few different rides than the ones in LA or Florida. There’s a second section called “Walt Disney Studios Park” which is a bit like California Adventures with the Tower of Terror and other “non-traditional” rides like one called “Rock’n’ Roller Coaster”. The park is smaller and more crowded, but it cleared up after dinner when I assume most people went home to watch the Eurocup Final. After that, it only took 5 minutes to get on my favorite attraction, “It’s a Small World”.


After 12 straight hours and 26,000 steps throughout the day, we were exhausted. Too tired to even stay for the fireworks. Until next time… maybe in the winter when the Christmas decorations are up!