San Juan Islands

We spent last weekend on the San Juan Islands, a 3-hour ferry ride (or 45-min seaplane ride) from Seattle. Two whales were even spotted from the boat. The Pacific Northwest is quite a peaceful, magical place.

We shared a villa with friends in Roche Harbor, a quaint resort a few minutes from where we docked. It felt great to be reunited with friends, eat some good ol’ American breakfast (I’ve missed the hashbrowns!), and dance the night away together.

This was my first time back in the US after 8 months of living in Paris. It felt so refreshing and easy to have conversations without any language barriers and to reminisce about our favorite spots in Seattle with the people who live there.


To be honest, I was a little hesitant about returning to Seattle in fear of ending up completely homesick for the States. I was afraid I would find it too comfortable and I was afraid of wanting to move back.

After a week passed, we both came to the realization that “home” was now somewhere else for us. While our closest friends and family remain in America, “home” is now in Paris.

As we sailed back from San Juan Islands into the city, we stood on the deck and watched the beautiful Seattle appear closer on the horizon. Tyler and I say we are lucky to have more than one place as possible homes. In the midst of building my life in another country, what helps me the most is reassurance that Seattle and its people are always there for me if I want to go back.