My Guide to Seattle


I recently spent a week back in Seattle and made sure to stop by all my old spots. Friends in Paris always ask me for recommendations on the city, so here they are in one place. Aside from the typical attractions you’ll find on tourist sites, these are my absolute favorite things about Seattle, Washington.

Restaurants I always go back to

  1. Suika: Japanese tapas with watermelon-infused drinks
  2. Din Tai Fung: Xiaolongbaos and taro desserts
  3. The Walrus and the Carpenter: delicious oysters with great presentation (get there early!)

The coziest reading spots

  1. Storyville: comfy chairs, free chocolate cake, and curated playlists
  2. Ada’s Technical Bookshop: some of the most fascinating books you’ll find, along with home-baked goods
  3. Hotel Sorrento’s Silent Reading Party: seriously. strangers reading together by the fireplace and a live harpist


Cute Brunch Places

  1. The London Plane: my go-to brunch spot for visitors
  2. The Wandering Goose: nibble on strawberry jam biscuits while reading the author’s book of the same name
  3. Volunteer Park Cafe: a quaint spot surrounded by a wonderful park


Classy bars you can actually dress up for

  1. Needle & Thread: beautiful speakeasy with 1920’s decor
  2. The Upstairs: fancy drinks in a cozy living room
  3. Frolik Kitchen & Cocktails: summer night cocktails on the roof

Romantic afternoon strolls

  1. Olympic Sculpture Park: a refreshing trail along the waterfront
  2. Seattle Arboretum: location of Tyler’s and my first date, as well as this photoshoot
  3. Queen Anne Farmer’s Market: this Thursday market has a small neighborhood feel, fresh produce, and gorgeous golden retrievers


Hikes with beautiful views

  1. Lake Serene: slippery in the winter, but worth it for the view
  2. Snow Lake: jump into the freezing water on a hot summer day
  3. Rattlesnake Ledge: enjoy the sunrise alone at this usually crowded spot. note: no actual rattlesnakes; I checked.


Breath-taking day trips

  1. Butchart Gardens: afternoon tea in the rose garden
  2. Skagit Tulip Festival: for two weeks out of the year, this valley is blooming with tulips
  3. Mount Rainier: wildflowers, snow, rivers… it’s even more beautiful close up



For a more detailed guide to Seattle which I fully endorse :), see my friend Joanna’s list. Enjoy!

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