Our Paris Stories launch


Earlier this week, I launched www.ourparisstories.com with two of my friends Christina and Leah. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, from idea conception (on a ferry to San Juan Islands), to team recruitment, to building, and finally to our public reveal. Christina runs our social media campaigns, Leah’s our photographer, and I build the website and overall vision.

Our Paris Stories aims to inspire others to experience life abroad by showcasing individuals who’ve made the move to France. I’ve met a ton of people who say they wish they could live in another country, but don’t see enough examples to feel like it could be reality. I hope this collection of stories brings to light various avenues one can take to live abroad. Each of us has a unique story in how we got to this beautiful city. To all my fellow expat readers, submit your story too!

If you’re interested in seeing me in jeans after my 4-year hiatus (this is true) or curious about my journey abroad, read my interview here.


We’ve already got a lot of inspiring stories in the queue, so to stay up-to-date, follow Our Paris Stories on:


Thanks for the support, everyone!

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