A taste of matcha in Paris

"Matcha? C'est quoi ça?" 

It was hard to believe that some of my colleagues here in France had never heard of matcha, the finely ground powder of special green tea (and the BEST thing to mix with desserts). I joked, "You know that green stuff Asian girls like to eat?" and received the head nods, "Oooooh!"

I was exchanging matcha restaurants with my friend Diana this morning and figured I'd blog about them too. These are my favorites, in priority order, of course.

1. Sweetea's: I recently discovered my new favorite work café that also has delicious matcha lattes! I spent 9 HOURS with my ChopChicks pals studying one Sunday and we fell in love with the drinks, honey toast, and Korean fusion plates. There's even wifi and plenty of outlets 😉

2. Sadaharu Aoki: in terms of quality of taste, I have a strong preference for Sadaharu Aoki. I often spend a quiet afternoon weekend at their very well-kept patisserie in the 5th arrondissement since it's less popular. They serve delicious cakes and matcha croissants.

3. Patisserie TOMO: known for their homemade Dorayaki, TOMO is one of my personal favorites. I spend many relaxing afternoons reading or chatting with friends here; it's never too loud or crowded, and the snacks are delicious. My favorite? The tasty matcha wagashi and the matcha-yuzu petillant.

4. Cafe Kitsune: Kitsune is the quintessential matcha tea latte stop for bloggers all over the Instagram, probably because of its cute cups, wolf-shaped cookies, and location at Palais Royal. Everyone who visits the striped columns at Palais Royal takes a picture with their Cafe Kitsune cup. There's also a larger spot in Paris combined with a concept store that I have yet to visit.

5. Toraya: Located just steps away from the posh street of Rue Saint-Honoré, Toraya's clientele definitely dresses to impress. The mochi desserts and whisked matcha are incredibly delicious, albeit expensive. Make sure to have a reservation well ahead of time.

6. Sanzanka: this is a really quaint spot near Trocadero. We spent yesterday taking photos of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero and walked ~12 minutes to this new matcha find. Here you can find matcha parfaits (the mochi and green tea ice cream was quite good), traditional matcha (where the waiter stirs it with the cool tea whisk in front of you), and a few other desserts. Sanzanka also serves savory food such as matcha-flavored soba noodles. I'll definitely be back.

7. Umami Matcha Cafe: this place claims to be "le meilleur du the et du cafe", but when I went there, I was a little bit disappointed. They have a relatively large selection of tasty drinks (such as matcha lattes, smoothies, cappuccinos, and more), but their food and desserts aren't amazing. I appreciate the large selection, decor, and bar that's usually open if you don't have a reservation. There's also a nice little shop next to the cafe where you can buy matcha powder and tea sets.

8. Aki Boulanger: Aki is my most-frequented matcha shop because of its proximity to many Japanese restaurants of Paris' "Little Tokyo". I've tried every single thing they serve there (except the coffee), and the tops are: the matcha latte (hot), matcha muffin, matcha cookie, and they also serve quite tasty donburis to-go. Their restaurant across the street is pretty good as well. However, this is last on my list because their actual bread pastries don't have a ton of taste and are a bit thick for my taste.

I'm always in search of more matcha spots, so please tell me if you have others to add. I probably eat something with matcha every week (I blame all the matcha accounts I follow on Instagram).

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