Meeting fashion blogger Chriselle Lim

Last night, I had the honor of meeting one of my all-time favorite fashion stylists, Chriselle Lim. After seeing her post on social media about an upcoming Paris meet-up, I quickly surveyed my blogger friends and RSVP’d. The next day, we received confirmation that we were among ~200 other fans who would get to meet her!

Champagne, skincare, and Chriselle: the perfect evening

This was my first time attending a meet-and-greet. Even though we’re both from California, I never had the opportunity to meet Chriselle until I came to Paris. She held the “intimate” gathering at Darphin, a fancy Parisian spa on Rue Saint-Honoré. Even though there were hundreds of people in line, the “CINC” team (Chriselle Inc.) did a nice job of limiting groups to about 30 people at a time.

My fashion photographer friend Diana getting interviewed by CINC’s Laura

We were greeted with champagne as Chriselle’s team took videos and photos of attendees. Standing in the waiting room was a bit like waiting for Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, except with better perks (and a cooler, more stylish Mickey ;)). The meet-and-greet operated like a revolving door, where each person got a few minutes to speak with Chriselle one-on-one and take some photos. Of course I wore Chloe in honor of her daughter (thanks for the idea, Sulki)!

It felt so surreal meeting Chriselle in person after following her blog and YouTube channel since 2011. Growing up, I’ve always had an interest in beauty and fashion, but at that time (and still somewhat today), a majority of celebrities and bloggers never looked like me. The quote “you can’t be what you can’t see” really resonates with me, and especially in my younger years, it was really important to find a role-model who had “made it” in the industry and with whom I could identify.

When I found Chriselle’s channel, I was so delighted to see content about make-up for Asian features, Korean skincare tips, and how to dress for my body type. Not only is she a successful fashionista who truly loves what she does, but she’s also a mother, a businesswoman, and an extremely sweet person. Inspirational, no?

Photo courtesy of Darphin

I was also impressed that Chriselle takes the time to read everything her fans write. Leah and I had commented on her post earlier in the week from the Our Paris Stories account, and Chriselle remembered who we were! She encouraged us to keep pursuing our project and said it wasn’t too long ago that she only had 1 follower too. The most important thing is to listen to what your readers want and post consistently.

To top it all off, Chriselle sent us all home with a goodie bag from Darphin. I absolutely love skincare products (just ask Tyler about my scary drawer of face masks and nose strips in our apartment). I was thrilled to add these samples to my collection. Thank you, Darphin!

If you want to read Chriselle’s post about the event, find it here. I’m on her blog!

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  1. It’s special to meet someone you truly admire. However, when you have the opportunity to meet a special role model with whom you identify, that’s a WOW moment!!! I hope there are more opportunities like this. I love the pics and story. You are a wonderful inspiration to all young ladies to seek the life they love.

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