Wheretoget’s Fashion Week Soirée

Christie, Chloe (mylifelivingabroad.com), et moi

Two weeks ago, I went to my first Paris Fashion Week party for Wheretoget, a fashion magazine and start-up based in France. In addition to their online magazine, Wheretoget is also a shopping app that allows you to buy looks you see online or on the street (my friend Diana describes it as, “The Shazam for finding fashion.”)

Photo by Diana Liu of Wheretoget

The party was held near the end of Fashion Week at the trendy BAM Karaoke Box. The company rented out the entire venue, including a private bar (with a friendly bartender who was very attentive to keeping our champagne glasses filled) and karaoke rooms. The place was decorated with neon pink Wheretoget signage, paper hearts dangling from the ceiling, and beautiful treats.

We spent the night chatting with influencers, designers, and Wheretoget customers from all over the world. If you happened to catch my Instagram stories, you would have seen us singing our hearts out to “…Baby One More Time” and other 90’s tunes. It was a really fun night.

Photos by Diana Liu of Wheretoget

The more I learn more about the fashion community here in Paris (via events like this and the one at Ykone), the more pleasantly surprised I am about the people in it. It’s not all The Devil Wears Prada (though I’m sure some of that exists.) All of the photographers, influencers, and writers I’ve met so far have been open-minded, intelligent, and down-to-earth (as in, not afraid to slurp ramen noodles with me after work).

Photo by Diana Liu of Wheretoget

So how did I meet Wheretoget? A few months ago, their Editor-in-Chief, Amanda Randone (who also has a super impressive resume as a freelance writer), reached out to Our Paris Stories for a collaboration about how moving to Paris changed each of our own personal styles.

Here’s the article: “Meet the Modern Storytellers of Paris.” I hope you enjoy it, and thank you to Wheretoget!

Photo by Diana Liu of Wheretoget

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