Parc de Sceaux in bloom

It’s nearly been a year since I attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. Seeing sakura start to bloom throughout Paris definitely brightens my days as we exit from a long, overcast winter. Thanks to my friend Emily’s Complete Guide to Blossom Season in Paris, Tyler and I hopped on a train to visit Parc de Sceaux, just an hour from Paris.

The park is enormous at 1.81 km2. There are two large orchards of cherry blossom trees, one of the pink flower and one of the white one. The pink orchard has around 150 trees.

For a moment, I almost felt like I was back in Japan. Everyone was picnicking or napping under the trees, and we even heard quite a bit of Japanese being spoken.

Tyler and I found the one unoccupied tree and made camp with our Kindles for the afternoon. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

To no surprise, we stumbled upon a castle at the edge of Parc de Sceaux. Most large fancy gardens tend to be old castle grounds in France. In 1670, this castle was inhabited by Jean-Baptise Colbert, King Louis XIV’s financial adviser. He needed a place close to the Château de Versailles.

While the peak season for sakura viewing is early April, I suggest you follow Emily’s tip about checking the location tag for Parc de Sceaux on Instagram to see real-time photos of the blossoms. We went on April 9th and found it to be the perfect time of the year.

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