A night at Hôtel Design Secret de Paris

Earlier this month, the Hôtel Design Secret de Paris reached out to me and offered a night’s stay at their beautiful hotel here in Paris. How could I say no to that? While reading reviews of the hotel online, I was pleased to hear people describe the place as “dreamy”, “intimate”, and “beautifully designed”. I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself.

The invitation came at actually the perfect time for a staycation, as Tyler and I have both been pretty busy with our own activities lately. He got home past midnight all week due to musical rehearsals (the debut is tonight, by the way!), so it was relaxing to spend quality time together exploring a different neighborhood. This was actually the first hotel we’ve stayed in together in Paris. It was a weird realization, but I guess it doesn’t normally make sense when you’re living in the city.

Located just steps away from the famous Moulin Rouge, Hôtel Design Secret de Paris is in a prime location without being on a main street overpopulated with tourists. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shows to see during the night. We arrived in the afternoon and were greeted by an extremely friendly staff.

The first thing they asked was, “What would you like to drink?” We opted for delicious hot cocoa, which we sipped while flipping through some of the Parisian guidebooks they had in their lobby. I loved the interior design, especially the royal purple tufted chairs. In case mom is reading, yes, everything was spotlessly clean.

The unique thing about Hôtel Design Secret de Paris is that each room is designed like a famous monument in Paris. Someone new to France might opt for the classic Eiffel Tower room, or my museum-loving friend Asheley might select the one based on Musee d’Orsay. By some stroke of luck (or maybe the hotel saw my “The Phantom of the Opera” post), Tyler and I got the Opera Garnier-themed room.

I fell in love with the red curtains and gold detailing. There were even ballet slippers hanging from the bed to add to the opera theme, and a nice desk to work at if needed (for all you nerds out there, the hotel’s internet ping averaged 18ms- not great, but hey, you shouldn’t be here to work.) Anyway, the best part of our room was definitely the natural lighting and Jacuzzi. Fun fact: my family’s old neighbors actually invented the Jacuzzi (we found out by, of course, their last name).

In addition to multiple jet settings, there were also colorful lights to make the tub water the hue to your liking. Talk about fancy! It’s a good thing we brought our swim suits because the window opened right into a courtyard :p It was pretty relaxing to lie in the tub looking out into the Parisian night though…

“There are many secrets in this hotel,” the staff whispered to us. Each floor on the spiral staircase holds interesting facts about France’s history. For example, one talked about a swindler named Victor Lustig, who pretended to sell the Eiffel Tower to naive scrap dealers and actually “sold” it to someone named Andre Poisson. Pretty clever con artist, right? For the rest of the secrets, you’ll have to visit the hotel yourself 😉

For dinner, we played the tourist and asked the hotel to recommend a good French restaurant nearby. The staff made a reservation for us at Le Sanglier Bleu, where we experienced a wonderful meal. The most notable dish was the amazing French Onion Soup.

After dinner, we made our way to the hotel’s little spa. Get this: in addition to a small gym, there’s a 24-hour steam room and sauna. All you have to do is call the front desk to turn it on 15 minutes before you want to use it. The hotel also offers massages, which we probably would have done if we had more time.

To top off our stay, there were drinks all night and a nice breakfast spread for the morning (tip: try the brioche!) For those of you searching for a uniquely beautiful spot for an occasion that warrants more than a Airbnb, I definitely recommend this hotel.

Thank you Hôtel Design Secret de Paris for having us!

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