GHC17 “Working Abroad: How to Land a Tech Job Overseas”

This month, I had the honor of hosting a panel on working abroad at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Orlando, Florida. This is the largest gathering of women in tech, with over 18,000 attendees this year.

Wei Wu (Yelp Hamburg), Emily Sappington (Context Scout London), Me (Microsoft Paris), Shana Azria (Apple Cupertino), and Sara LaVigna (Google Zurich)

It was actually a specific goal of mine for 2017 to get invited to speak at this conference, so as soon as submissions were open, I pulled together a talk proposal and reached out to my network. Working abroad is a passionate I’m (obviously) very interested in and already knew a couple of people who were working at large tech organizations at other companies around the world.

We had a great time speaking to ~300 women (and men!) about our experiences working in another country–how we landed a job overseas, what challenges we face in the workplace as expats, and how we’ve adjusted in our personal lives.

You can watch the full talk below or read the abstract here.

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