Meeting fashion blogger Chriselle Lim

Last night, I had the honor of meeting one of my all-time favorite fashion stylists, Chriselle Lim. After seeing her post on social media about an upcoming Paris meet-up, I quickly surveyed my blogger friends and RSVP’d. The next day, we received confirmation that we were among ~200 other fans who would get to meet her!Read More

AMA: “What are those adorable tennis/walking shoes you are wearing in your latest post? Gotta know!” -Maria

Hey Maria! They’re good ol’ Adidas Superstars. Remember when they were popular in the US around 2001? Kids would wear them in all sorts of colors. The green Stan Smith ones are extremely stylish here in Paris ( guesses about 1/5 Parisians has them, which I totally believe).

These shoes are perfect for traveling or walking around this city full of cobblestone and stairs. I actually purchased mine in London at an affordable price of ~$50. Apparently I’m a 5.5 which qualifies as a kid’s size… score! My Nike’s are more comfortable but don’t match as well with street clothes. I’m also eyeing the YSL court classic sneakers, but not for that price tag…

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Valentine’s Day in Lyon

Tyler and I spent a lovely Valentine’s weekend in Lyon, France (despite both catching colds from the freezing weather). In terms of gifts to one another, we’re more in the camp of “don’t buy things, buy experiences.” For us, this usually means travel.


Opting to maximize our vacation time and minimize cost, we left Paris at 6AM Saturday morning and returned around 1AM Monday morning. It was a straight 2-hour train ride, most of which I spent completely passed out on Tyler’s lap (I may have overdosed on the cough syrup). We stayed in a gorgeous two-bedroom loft with huge windows overlooking downtown Lyon. At only 55 EUR per night through airbnb, it was quite a steal.

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