What I spend during a week in Paris

Back in June, Refinery29 asked me to keep a Money Diary, where “millennial women are asked how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period”. While the article didn’t end up getting published, I thought I’d share part of it here. Here’s what a Parisian week of spending looks like for me…


Day 1

  • Started my morning with a matcha pastry from Aki Boulanger€3
  • Subsidized lunch at work consisted of salad, watermelon, and a mini baguette. Can’t get enough of those French baguettes. €2.58
  • Came home to dinner in the oven- thanks Ty! €6
  • Eurocup 2016 was on! Met up with friends, painted our faces, and cheered for France.
    [Total: €11.58]

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AMA: “How well did you know French before applying to work in Paris?”

I took classes for 3 years in middle/high school, went to a few meet-ups, and practiced whenever my family from Tahiti was in town. I was far from conversational though, and knew I would have to find an English-speaking company in order to work abroad. Over the course of 2 years, I started with my own company (who had an engineering office in France) and also reached out to similar American companies located in the countries I wanted to live. If you’re interested in tech, most large companies also have European offices and are used to relocating American employees abroad (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon…) My high-level advice would be: be persistent and have patience.

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Celebrating America in Paris


Happy 4th of July to all my Americans out there. While I didn’t have work off today (France’s independence day comes next week on July 14th), I was still able to enjoy a nice celebration. Sporting my bright red Taylor Swift t-shirt (because what’s more America than T. Swift?), I met up with some other American expats for a picnic near Invalides. We shared plenty of watermelon, KFC (which I hadn’t eaten in decades), and delicious homemade pear and apple pie. It was nice to sit out on the grass and watch all the golden retrievers chase sticks nearby.

Today, July 4th, also marks 6 months for me in Paris.

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