Views from the Island of Capri

After Cinque Terre, we took a long trip to our next destination, Sorrento. Our overnight train from Cinque Terre was three hours late (which meant we left at 3am), so we were beyond exhausted and passed out at 8pm that night. If you’re planning to book trains in Italy, leave some room for delays as they seem to happen quite frequently. The silver lining is that we woke up extremely early and caught the first ferry to the beautiful island of Capri.

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A night at Hôtel Design Secret de Paris

Earlier this month, the Hôtel Design Secret de Paris reached out to me and offered a night’s stay at their beautiful hotel here in Paris. How could I say no to that? While reading reviews of the hotel online, I was pleased to hear people describe the place as “dreamy”, “intimate”, and “beautifully designed”. I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself.

The invitation came at actually the perfect time for a staycation, as Tyler and I have both been pretty busy with our own activities lately. He got home past midnight all week due to musical rehearsals (the debut is tonight, by the way!), so it was relaxing to spend quality time together exploring a different neighborhood. This was actually the first hotel we’ve stayed in together in Paris. It was a weird realization, but I guess it doesn’t normally make sense when you’re living in the city.

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