Medieval Ghent in Belgium


Welcome to the beautiful and charming city of Ghent. This small medieval town lies right between Brussels and Bruges. You know how everyone loves Bruges so much? Well in my opinion, Ghent is just as cute, but even more magical because nobody really knows about it. There aren’t a ton of tourists flocking the city, so it feels like you’re just walking among all the locals.

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Autumn in Bruges, Belgium

We had another long weekend here in France (yay for all the national holidays), so Tyler and I boarded a 1.5h train to Brussels in Belgium. I’m going to start off by saying that Brussels is not my favorite city. If you’re not into all the beers and bikes and fries (like I’m not), then you should probably pick a different place to travel. However, the boyfriend does enjoy those things, so we made a compromise and did a few day trips during our long weekend, including a stop to Bruges, about 1.5 hours by train from Brussels.

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