AMA: “How would you spend 5 days in Paris?”


I’m often asked, “Hey! I’m coming to Paris soon! What should I do?” If I don’t know the person really well, this is pretty tough to answer. One itinerary doesn’t fit all and there’s just so much to see in this city.

This is not necessarily my guide for a first-timer’s trip, but what’d I do if I ever moved away and were to visit Paris, say, 30 years from now. It is a list of my absolute favorite spots in this beautiful city.

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The breathtaking Normandy


If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris, Normandy is the perfect spot to go for a breath of fresh air. Most Parisians flock to the south of France where the beaches are warmer, so it’s less crowded everywhere else. We rented a manual car (at just €25/day) with the hope that I’d learn to drive stick shift on this trip. Reality: I “drove” about 20m from one parking spot to another and called it quits. Thanks Ty for driving the rest of the way, ha!

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