AMA: “How do you cope with homesickness? Is it difficult to stay close with family when they are so far away? P.S. I love your blog, it inspires me to want to travel more and experience the world.”

Thank you, that means a lot to me 🙂

First, I haven’t felt tragically homesick yet. I’ve wanted to be here for a long time, so I’m set on making it the best experience I can. I actually declined a work offer to visit Seattle for a conference this month (sorry guys). It feels too soon to return in the midst of trying to build my new life here in Paris. I guess I’m a little afraid of having to mentally reset myself and say goodbye all over again.

I haven’t felt a longing to return to SF or Seattle yet because there are so many new exciting things to do here. However, I do feel guilty for not being able to pay attention to relationships like I did before. It tore me up that I didn’t know one of my best friends was interviewing for a new job, or that my parents were hosting a family party this weekend. I used to always know.

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On meeting French people

Last week, I received this message on my blog:


Having just moved here, you can imagine how happy I was to receive this. My girlfriends cautioned me to be safe meeting strangers, but I accepted the invitation immediately because: 1. he linked to his social media with implicit permission to stalk :p, 2. he suggested a safe neighborhood, and 3. he asked to meet both of us.

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AMA: “That’s awesome that you and your partner were able to relocate all the way to Paris together! Did you run into any problems both finding jobs in the same area? How did you convince him to uproot with you? :)”

I knew this question would come eventually, so I had a while to decide how much I wanted to share. A few people confessed to putting a hold on even applying abroad because of relationships, so hopefully this will help a bit.

  • Focus on getting the opportunity first. Don’t over-stress about decisions you don’t have to make yet.
  • Be transparent with your significant other and ready to listen.
  • Try not to blame someone for not wanting the same thing you do. (I’ve made this mistake in the past.) Almost everyone will say they wish they could live abroad, but can’t follow through when actually faced with the decision. If someone’s not ready, you can’t force it.

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