The sweetness of French macarons


Ahh, the famous French macarons*. Someone once joked to me, “You study computer science? You look like the kind of girl who shops at Ladurée!” I corrected him saying that engineers can wear dresses too (just head over to Fibonacci Sequins Blog), and excusez-moi, I prefer Pierre Hermé.

I’ve always wanted to know the secret to making delicious macarons, so I was thrilled when Bon Appetour invited me and other Parisian bloggers to take a class. Bon Appetour is kind of the “AirBnB of food”, connecting you with local chefs to enjoy authentic, home-cooked dishes, usually in the comfort of their own home. This is perfect because I love touring Parisian apartments and seeing how other people decorate their homes.

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Croissant Class

The Lim family chefs


Our Christmas present to our parents last year was a family croissant-making class in Paris. During their visit a few weeks ago, we spent a day at La Cuisine learning how to make these delicious French pastries. It was a lot of work and now that I know how much butter goes into these things, I think twice before buying them on my morning commute 🙂

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