Tops from Porto, Portugal

Igreja Capela Das Almas

During my family’s trip to Portugal, we took a 3-hour train ride to Porto, the region which actually gave the name to “Portugal”. The people of Porto are referred to as “Tripeiros”, which translates to “tripe-eaters”. It may sound insulting, but it’s actually a name taken to with pride. Back in the 15th-century when the Portuguese set out to conquer other lands, food was reserved for the army and explorers. All that was left behind was tripe and other leftovers, as the Portuguese proudly sacrificed the good food for those fighting for their country.

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Berlin: highly recommended.

France gets 4 public holidays (jours fériés) in May. Unfortunately two of them fall on weekends this year, but we did get one last Thursday. Many people faire le pont by taking Friday off as well to “bridge” the gap between the weekend. After work, we hopped on a plane and in only 1.5h and €45 later, we landed in Berlin.

I was startled to find out this was actually an elevator door.

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