Celebrating my 27th birthday in Paris


I moved to Paris shortly after my 26th birthday last year (which turned out to be a shame because all the discounts for half-price train tickets, etc. cut off post-25). Anyway, as I celebrated my last birthday in Seattle, I remember looking around the room and feeling so proud and happy to be surrounded by people I cared so much about. It was daunting to think of potentially celebrating my next birthday in a foreign city without any new friends. This really motivated me to invest a lot in building new relationships as soon as I moved to Paris. While it took a lot of effort (especially as an introvert), I’m so glad that by the time my 27th birthday came around last weekend, I had a really great group of people to celebrate with (both expat and French friends!)

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Our Paris Stories launch


Earlier this week, I launched www.ourparisstories.com with two of my friends Christina and Leah. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, from idea conception (on a ferry to San Juan Islands), to team recruitment, to building, and finally to our public reveal. Christina runs our social media campaigns, Leah’s our photographer, and I build the website and overall vision.

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The breathtaking Normandy


If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris, Normandy is the perfect spot to go for a breath of fresh air. Most Parisians flock to the south of France where the beaches are warmer, so it’s less crowded everywhere else. We rented a manual car (at just €25/day) with the hope that I’d learn to drive stick shift on this trip. Reality: I “drove” about 20m from one parking spot to another and called it quits. Thanks Ty for driving the rest of the way, ha!

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