Our UK Weekend

We’re back from a lovely weekend in the UK. I arrived in Cambridge Wednesday evening after a longer than expected journey from Paris. I had decided to fly on the way there due to train strikes, but would highly recommend taking the Eurostar otherwise. Border control at LHR took over an hour (aka an entire Harry Potter chapter in French). Once I finally made it to Cambridge, I ordered room service and fell straight asleep.

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AMA: “Comment est la cuisine Parisienne? Est que il y a specialite chinoise?” -Grandma and Megan

I was spoiled by the Asian food in San Francisco. I miss it a lot (mom’s home-cooked meals, our noodle shop on Irving street, the cheap grocery markets…) Out of all the cities I’ve lived in so far, the Chinese food stack rank is: San Francisco > Paris > Seattle. (I think the only thing Seattle had going for it was Din Tai Fung.)

When I first moved to Paris, I was thrilled to see a Chinese “traiteur” shop on every block of my neighborhood. Homesick for anything that reminded me of the Bay Area, I wandered into one but emerged pretty disappointed. I thought, “Fine, if Asian food is going to suck here, I’m going to cook it myself!” … and then I discovered there was neither tofu nor black bean garlic sauce to be found within a 30-minute walking radius. Sad.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, I was desperate to find some decent Peking duck. Luckily, I have two adorable foodie cousins in Paris! We celebrated the New Year with our boyfriends at Chinatown Olympiades.

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