My favorite rooftop bars in Paris


Summer’s over, and so are those warm sunny evenings. Ever since I visited New York during college, I’ve been a huge fan of classy rooftop bars. My friends know I’m a very picky drinker, so I prefer to share a glass of something fancy while watching the sunset than go to a loud grungy dive bar. There aren’t too many rooftop bars in Paris, so I knocked 5 off my list this summer. Here are my favorite ones, in priority order.

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Eurocup Fan Zone


Well, we sure picked the right year to move to Paris- France is hosting the 2016 Eurocup (which happens every 4 years). We’ve been hopping around bars with friends for the first few matches (shout out to Laureen for teaching us the “Allez les Bleus” cheers and painting our faces!) It’s pretty exciting to be in the middle of all the energy around football (/soccer) here. After we won the opening game, fans were partying in the streets, cheering, and even dancing on top of taxi cabs.

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