The sweetness of French macarons


Ahh, the famous French macarons*. Someone once joked to me, “You study computer science? You look like the kind of girl who shops at Ladurée!” I corrected him saying that engineers can wear dresses too (just head over to Fibonacci Sequins Blog), and excusez-moi, I prefer Pierre Hermé.

I’ve always wanted to know the secret to making delicious macarons, so I was thrilled when Bon Appetour invited me and other Parisian bloggers to take a class. Bon Appetour is kind of the “AirBnB of food”, connecting you with local chefs to enjoy authentic, home-cooked dishes, usually in the comfort of their own home. This is perfect because I love touring Parisian apartments and seeing how other people decorate their homes.

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AMA: “Comment est la cuisine Parisienne? Est que il y a specialite chinoise?” -Grandma and Megan

I was spoiled by the Asian food in San Francisco. I miss it a lot (mom’s home-cooked meals, our noodle shop on Irving street, the cheap grocery markets…) Out of all the cities I’ve lived in so far, the Chinese food stack rank is: San Francisco > Paris > Seattle. (I think the only thing Seattle had going for it was Din Tai Fung.)

When I first moved to Paris, I was thrilled to see a Chinese “traiteur” shop on every block of my neighborhood. Homesick for anything that reminded me of the Bay Area, I wandered into one but emerged pretty disappointed. I thought, “Fine, if Asian food is going to suck here, I’m going to cook it myself!” … and then I discovered there was neither tofu nor black bean garlic sauce to be found within a 30-minute walking radius. Sad.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, I was desperate to find some decent Peking duck. Luckily, I have two adorable foodie cousins in Paris! We celebrated the New Year with our boyfriends at Chinatown Olympiades.

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