Finding a flat in Paris


We now have a place to live! Microsoft provides 3 months of temporary housing to help us settle in until we find a more permanent place.

After doing a ton of research and talking with friends who lived in various arrondissements, I had my heart set on Saint-Germain or the Latin Quarter. These are lively neighborhoods in the center of Paris (yet quieter than Le Marais) rich with museums, markets, and cafes. I also wanted to be left bank slightly closer to the office. My criterion:

  • Furnished (we’re packing minimally and leaving all furniture behind)
  • Walking distance to metro (specifically the trains to work)
  • High floor with lift (since most apartments are in older buildings, elevators are actually rare. walking up 5+ flights of stairs with groceries in heels is a deal-breaker for me)
  • Natural lighting (this made all the difference in my current home happiness)
  • Close to shops and restaurants open late so it feels safe

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