Night at the Louvre

One of the wonderful things about living in Paris is having access to so much art and culture at your fingertips. Whenever I’m having a tough day, I love being able to duck into a museum and forget outside troubles for a few hours. It’s been a stressful week (we just released a big feature at work and I’m launching a new personal project very soon). I’m sure glad it’s Friday!

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Napoléon III Apartments at the Louvre

Over our afternoon coffee date, Tyler and I realized that today is the first Sunday of the month. In Paris, this means: free admission to museums! With only two hours left (and some debate over which one to visit), we quickly finished our drinks and dashed off to the Louvre.

Forget the obnoxious iPad crowds suffocating the Mona Lisa- if I have limited time at the Louvre, I’m headed to this corner of paradise:


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