Berlin: highly recommended.

France gets 4 public holidays (jours fériés) in May. Unfortunately two of them fall on weekends this year, but we did get one last Thursday. Many people faire le pont by taking Friday off as well to “bridge” the gap between the weekend. After work, we hopped on a plane and in only 1.5h and €45 later, we landed in Berlin.

I was startled to find out this was actually an elevator door.

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Day trip to Vernon

in a sea of moutarde

On the way to Giverny, mom and I stopped in the quaint town of Vernon, France. What a change (and a breath of fresh air) it was to venture away from the city for a bit. You don’t crash into anyone walking on the sidewalk and you can actually wake up to birds chirping. It’s a pretty small place and we were able to explore everything in a few hours.

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