The importance of accountability 


I gained 10 pounds since moving to France this year (Freshman 15 -> French 15?). As much as I can blame the buttery croissants and odd work hours (night meetings with the US), it still doesn’t change the fact that I was getting out of shape. When forming goals for 2016, “exercise 3x/week” was one of my top ones. I was doing well for a couple of weeks, but soon my social calendar became full with dinners, happy hours, and meet-ups. It was easy to tell myself, “I’ll just run extra hard tomorrow” then end up skipping again.

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My Guide to Seattle


I recently spent a week back in Seattle and made sure to stop by all my old spots. Friends in Paris always ask me for recommendations on the city, so here they are in one place. Aside from the typical attractions you’ll find on tourist sites, these are my absolute favorite things about Seattle, Washington.

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