Wine tasting in the Douro Valley

What’s the best part of visiting Portugal in the off-season? Well, when we did a tour of the famous Douro Valley, we had nearly the entire area to ourselves. This well-known wine countryside is usually packed during the summer, so it was nice to not be bombarded with tourists as we visited the various vineyards. It’s located in the North of Portugal and makes for a nice wine-tasting trip from Porto.

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The sweetness of French macarons


Ahh, the famous French macarons*. Someone once joked to me, “You study computer science? You look like the kind of girl who shops at Ladurée!” I corrected him saying that engineers can wear dresses too (just head over to Fibonacci Sequins Blog), and excusez-moi, I prefer Pierre Hermé.

I’ve always wanted to know the secret to making delicious macarons, so I was thrilled when Bon Appetour invited me and other Parisian bloggers to take a class. Bon Appetour is kind of the “AirBnB of food”, connecting you with local chefs to enjoy authentic, home-cooked dishes, usually in the comfort of their own home. This is perfect because I love touring Parisian apartments and seeing how other people decorate their homes.

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