Tops from Porto, Portugal

Igreja Capela Das Almas

During my family’s trip to Portugal, we took a 3-hour train ride to Porto, the region which actually gave the name to “Portugal”. The people of Porto are referred to as “Tripeiros”, which translates to “tripe-eaters”. It may sound insulting, but it’s actually a name taken to with pride. Back in the 15th-century when the Portuguese set out to conquer other lands, food was reserved for the army and explorers. All that was left behind was tripe and other leftovers, as the Portuguese proudly sacrificed the good food for those fighting for their country.

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Autumn in Bruges, Belgium

We had another long weekend here in France (yay for all the national holidays), so Tyler and I boarded a 1.5h train to Brussels in Belgium. I’m going to start off by saying that Brussels is not my favorite city. If you’re not into all the beers and bikes and fries (like I’m not), then you should probably pick a different place to travel. However, the boyfriend does enjoy those things, so we made a compromise and did a few day trips during our long weekend, including a stop to Bruges, about 1.5 hours by train from Brussels.

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Chandelier heaven at the Wallace Collection, London

The Large Drawing Room

I spent a few days on a solo-trip to London last week and couldn’t help but feel a little homesick for Paris. While sipping tea (as one does in the UK), I began searching on Instagram for pretty places in London (#chandeliers, #fancy, duh). The Wallace Collection came up, and wow was it amazing.

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