Valentine’s Day in Lyon

Tyler and I spent a lovely Valentine’s weekend in Lyon, France (despite both catching colds from the freezing weather). In terms of gifts to one another, we’re more in the camp of “don’t buy things, buy experiences.” For us, this usually means travel.


Opting to maximize our vacation time and minimize cost, we left Paris at 6AM Saturday morning and returned around 1AM Monday morning. It was a straight 2-hour train ride, most of which I spent completely passed out on Tyler’s lap (I may have overdosed on the cough syrup). We stayed in a gorgeous two-bedroom loft with huge windows overlooking downtown Lyon. At only 55 EUR per night through airbnb, it was quite a steal.

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AMA: “That’s awesome that you and your partner were able to relocate all the way to Paris together! Did you run into any problems both finding jobs in the same area? How did you convince him to uproot with you? :)”

I knew this question would come eventually, so I had a while to decide how much I wanted to share. A few people confessed to putting a hold on even applying abroad because of relationships, so hopefully this will help a bit.

  • Focus on getting the opportunity first. Don’t over-stress about decisions you don’t have to make yet.
  • Be transparent with your significant other and ready to listen.
  • Try not to blame someone for not wanting the same thing you do. (I’ve made this mistake in the past.) Almost everyone will say they wish they could live abroad, but can’t follow through when actually faced with the decision. If someone’s not ready, you can’t force it.

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