Pendaison de crémaillère

In french, a housewarming party is called a pendaison de crémaillère, a phrase from medieval times meaning, “hanging of the chimney hook”. After construction of a new home, the chimney hook (made for hanging pots over the fire) was the last thing to be installed. It is customary to have people over for a meal when you’ve settled in.

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Taco Night

We found tacos in Paris!

One of my favorite things about our new apartment is that we can finally have people over. It came furnished with plenty of plates and silverware to host large dinner parties. I’ve been craving Mexican food since I got here (totally headed to the my favorite taco truck as soon as I visit California again), so I had the girls over last weekend. We had homemade mojitos, horchata, guacamole, and too much dessert to handle.

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